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Hey mate, is there still a Baja crew around Dubai?
Getting a little boring to bash the dunes alone.
Hey a question about rcmk gizmo long block is there any hardware I need to run tr pull start or cy clutch and cy clutch plate ? Someone posted something about a rcmk pull start nut ? Not quit sure what there talking about can youhelp on this subject?
Glade too hear man my next thing I want too do is get the white rpm arms and die them green and Maby some street tires just getting in too the 1/5 scale stuff so it shode be fun got more pics up too if u want too check them out talk too u soon cheers
Hey what's up? U guys still running 1/5 at Glenwood? Im looking to get back into it. Superwrench
Hi, I have one of your 2 speeds. I just installed it last week and got 2 good runs out of it. Unfortunately I went out today to run with my Buds and wound up on the shelf. I lost the spring and ball out of the claw as soon as we got there. I can''t seem to find a replacement. Please help.