Why you should be running Vertigo Hex Drive Clutch Bells


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We recently received and email asking why we felt the VP Hex Drive is a superior product/design to the stock style clutch bells for the HPI Baja and Losi 5ives.

I thought I would take a moment to mock up an example and post one important reason why you as a Hobbyist should have a VP Hex Drive on your models..

Along with our one piece clutch bell design with venting and a positive connection between bell and pinion (Hex shaft) we have removed a factor which can lead to failure..

Pivot point..
Both the Losi and the Baja have the same pinion/clutch bell design (as shown in the diagram below) The stock design has a pivot point between the bell and the pinion at the outer bearing. This means the larger the engine, the larger the pinion gear and the heavier the model the greater stress is added to this "Pivot Point" thus the bolt. On the Baja this is one of the reasons we believe the pinion bolt breaks and there is the possibility with newer engines reaching massive torque and the available taller gearing that a similar fate "may" eventually fall upon the Losi. Both these factors increase the stress on the "Pivot Point" which causes the bolt to be continually stressed throughout each rotation of the pinion gear, this stress in some cases causes bolt failure which may also lead to failure of other components.

The Vertigo Performance Hex Drive has no pivot point....

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