Truck fuel fill help


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Guys I need some advice. Around 10+ years ago I put my unused half built Losi (I was installing lights, etc.) and barely used Baja into storage. I am married now and have kids and they want to play with the big trucks from the "garage" along with my old 3s Lipo Rustler and Kyosho Half 8 (that needs a receiver, new esc, etc.).

I used to use a fuel fill bullet (Kraken?) but the bullet tanks are long since gone or buried too deep in storage to find. My HPI still has the adapter on the tank but to be honest I remember the bullet tubes as being leaky for me. I never had the tight sealed tanks that you could turn upside down and not have them leak. I had hoped for an improvement or at least another shot at a newer model. I can't find them anywhere and it looks like they are discontinued.

HOW ARE YOU ALL FILLING YOUR TANKS? LOL I need some help here in finding a convenient/clean system I can use. I wouldn't mind using one of those dubro manual crank pumps on a small gas can but I don't see anyplace to buy a complete system. If I have to put together a dubro tank kit I can but I really hoped for a system similar to the Kraken bullet tanks. Easy pre mix and go kinda thing.

Any help is appreciated.


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Garson, Manitoba
I’ve used the Dubro hand held pumps for decades in my aircraft and 1/5 scales without a problem and it even works to remove the fuel from the tanks when finished running.

As for a complete system I can’t recall seeing one, not that I’ve really looked.