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OK all, time to get rid of some stuff that I have been holding on to for too long. Everything here mentioned is including shipping within the lower 48.

HPI 5B roll cage with new H Bomb quick release, new aluminum spark plug cover by GPM??? and new, polished Modified RC roof scoop. $135 shipped.

Next is a brand new GoPro 3 Silver that I bought and never even turned on. Also comes with a head strap, new in bag. $205 shipped.

Next, I have the highly sought after BSW 2 speed in very good condition with the Python RC BSW 2 speed cover. I am also including a stock BSW 2speed cover (it has a small crack on it). The 2nd speed gears are21/53 & 23/51. I am also including a bunch of Hostile gears with it that I believe covers 17/57, 18/56, 19/55 & I believe 20/54. $350 shipped for the package.

Next, is an OBR Prostock 30.5 in very good condition. I had it in an MCD so I had to remove 3 of the lower bars on the crank case. Also, I dropped it when I first received it (taking out of the box) that broke off one of the fins on the head. I drove it for a good 10 tanks like that and it never showed any ill effect. $190 shipped.

Next up is a Futaba 3PM 2.4Ghz Tx & RX. This almost has no use on it. $110 shipped

Next up is an FG Beetle Body painted by Zeikle Racing. It has some rash on it from being mounted and stored but has never seen gas or dirt. $300 shipped.

Next up is a Zeikle 5B body, new but some rash from storage. $75 shipped

Next up is a brand new BZM 28.5 Micro motor. This is not the TT. It had been sitting around for a long time so I sent it out to my motor builder/porter here in the states and had him clean up the ports and bench test it to confirm everything was working well. $700 shipped.

Up next I have a bunch of chassis parts that were powder coated yellow. They are used and have scuffs and scratches but once it is installed, most of the bad marks are covered. BTW, the top plates are turtle racing, the engine braces are phatdad, the hinge pin holders and lower chassis plate are HPI the up rights are Team Chase and the engine brace is Full Force. $125, shipped.