Steering issue


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Hey guys so I have a Baja 5b with a new main chassis and chassis brace because the stock aluminum one snapped I now have a strengthened aluminum frame with a stainless brace and I don’t beat on it hard for some reason I was driving it and crashed into a tree and somehow managed to bent both the frame and the brace including the top brace I was able to straighten it most of the way but the reason I crashed was a loss of steering due to the stupid servo savor anytime I try to steer on any terrain it won’t steer and the servo savor will just bend when the car if off the ground it steers just fine is there any way I can fix this issue because I do have the upgraded mad max steering linkage, or is there any way I can just eliminate the servo savor it seems pointless because steering shouldn’t work like that anyway


Rich Hill, MO
turtle racing makes a really nice servo saver. the steering rack is all aluminum, with a large spring to act as the saver. i race on dirt oval, so i ziptie the pieces together to help give the spring longevity and just replace the ziptie after a big crash. look the parts up at ddm. i hope this helps!