SlammerRC's Zenoah Engine Damn


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Due to customer requests we have designed an Engine Damn specifically for a Zenoah/Chung Yang motor, using the Zenoah clutch housing.
I for one have a few Zenoah motors, I have always bought a Chung Yang or Turtle Racing clutch housing to use in place of the Zenoah housing.
Several guys like using the Zen housing so this ones for you.

This Engine Damn (ED-ZC-Z) will also fit the FG line of RCs like the FG Baja, Monster Truck and Stadium Truck.

Zenoah Engine Damns are available at DDM

Engine Damn Installation Instructions

Fits a Zenoah or Chung Yang motor using a Zenoah clutch housing.
Part Number: ED-ZC-Z

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