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Welcome to the Baja Tech section of our web site.

The Baja Tech area of started as a place for me to "hide" handy links for the Baja that some friends and I could easily access from any location.

As this section grew and more of my fellow Baja buds started using it, I decided to add it to the site as it's own section "Baja Tech".

I've been adding invaluable information to this area for some time now. The Baja Tech section has rapidly grown and now has hundreds of links to information about the HPI Baja, engines, carburetors, exhaust and the list keep growing.

The following links are taken straight from the baja Tech Navigation table.
Baja Tech home page
Documents, Sheets, Charts, Manuals
Drive train, Clutch, Gearing
Electronics, Kill Switch, Servos, Radios
Engine, Debri Protection, Spark Plug, Porting, Pull Start
Conversion Tables
Tires and Wheels
Carburetor, Fuel System, Fuel, Tuning
Paint and Body, Dyeing Plastic, Body Clips
Suspension, Setup, Shocks
Tools, Stand, Workbench and Workshop
Builds and Rebuilds

We welcome you to visit this ever growing "Baja Tech" area designed for you to easily find documents, manuals, tips, tricks and several product reviews by fellow Baja nuts just like you. In fact you may find a thread you started that we have found to be great information.

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Marble Falls, Texas
wow slammer there is a ton of info there and all organized,YEA, no more doing a search!!!
Thank you, I'm glad you found it useful. BTW That's how it got started.......

I don't want to say this too loud but -- I don't like the search function.

Probably because I have not taken the time to figure out how to use it properly. :glare: