RC Acres Exhibition 1/5 Race - $1000 in prizes!!!


See it on the RC Acres facebook here: LINK

"All you 1/5 scalers are invited to try to qualify for the exhibition race. There will be 13 drivers on the stand. We will be holding a special day just dedicated to qualifying. We know the 4wd class is no problem, 2wd guys if we have enough we will do yours as well. We must do pre-registration for this qualifying day to make sure there is enough entries to pull this off. The actual qualifying date will be in 2 weeks giving everybody time to prepare. We invite anybody and everybody to compete, so Americans come on down. There will be a $1000.00 cash pay out per class! guys further down south, we know there are lots of you so come on down we will do our best to accommodate you, what ever it takes to see some good racing that's what it's all about around here!"