RC Acres Exhibition 1/5 Race - $1000 in prizes!!! - REGISTRATION OPEN


The schedule will be the following this week.....qualifying will be in group format we will call classes there will be 3 classes only if we have enough entries for each class. There is no amateur or pro there will be 15 min qualifiers for each class all day. We will take the fastest 13 drivers from each class it will be your fastest lap out of the whole day we will have monitors set up so drivers you can see what's going on and who is in what position. There will be time for you to make changes during your qualifier you are allowed to enter and exit as much as you would like, REMEMBER it’s your one fastest lap. For those that make it thru there will be a 50 dollar entry fee for the big race all money collected will go towards the big cash payout !!!!!! RC Acres will be paying the top 5 in each class even take out of their own pocket anything to see some good racing AND to show all these 1/8 scalers how it’s done around here !!!!!!!! The majority think that the 5th scale is easy to drive like we said all are invited to try out this week. Hope everybody is clear on the events And how it's going to work now get your shit together and start building some big motors because RC Acres is and we’ll be ready for ya'll !!!!!!

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