Poor braking


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Hi guys, I picked up a Baja 5B Kraken Sidewinder for Xmas and have been having trouble getting the brakes to work effectively. When I apply full brakes it takes the car a while to come to a stop. Do you have any ideas what I should be adjusting? Also I can’t seem to get the Fail safe system to work. When I switch off the transmitter it moves a bit but my understanding is the car is supposed to apply full brake. Is that correct?
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Cheers Dave


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There is a screw or knob at the end of ur linkage with a spring turn that in it should make your brakes better! If not maybe ur brake pads are glazed if your using stock hpi brakes u can roughen it up with some sand paper also u can do that with the brake disc rotors roughen them up and it should help alot. Or get upgraded FFRC carbon fiber brakes!


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Garson, Manitoba
What most of us do if you haven’t already is replace the spring on the brake rod with a piece of fuel tubing.

Once that is done if it still doesn’t work well enough to your liking is pick up a set of RCR brakes.

One last thing if all that doesn’t work you’ll need a more powerful servo. I’ve found any servo with under 200 oz/in is pretty much useless on the baja for consistent long term braking.

As for the failsafe I’m not sure since I’ve never used an RTR transmitter.