Official Statement Regarding the "Blue" Sidewinder from KRAKEN RC

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Official Statement Regarding the legality of producing "Blue" Sidewinder.

Kraken RC has the the full rights to legally reproduce the Blue Sidewinder and the explanation is given below. Here is the story and background regarding this project. If anyone has any question regarding the legality of this project, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

1) Firstly, we have paid 2Strokers NOT just for the Roll Cage and body work but also for the license to reference the "Sidewinder". We have asked kindly throughout many months to recreate the blue cage but he was unable to do so. Regardless, we still honor our commitment and paid a hefty sum for the cage plus the license fee.

2) There are some misconceptions about this cage - The body work design doesn't belong to 2Stroker. It was fabricated using Aluminum by Mr. Otaka in Tokyo himself. He has given us the FULL RIGHTS and permission to reproduce it. You heard this right, 2Stroker did not design this body work.

3) The Steel Cage itself was made by 2Stroker 3 years ago according to Mr. Otaka’s directions in order for him to fit his body panels. This cage is also outdated and many changes would need to be made before it can be molded.

The final product will have the design body work originally designed by Mr. Otaka. Final cage design would NOT look like 2 strokers and it cannot be because structurally, it contains many curves which makes molding almost impossible. Many angles would need to be re-structured.

If you take a look at our CAD that we have posted here on FB, the first CL1TSK and the TSK-B are very different from the steel cage prototypes. Reason being is that, you cannot tool steel cage as in plastic. Also one cannot drawn comparison between a steel and polymer molded product.

2Stroker is paid for all 3 cages PLUS licensing fees - CL1TSK, CL1TSK-B and Sidewinder X5. Since we are "Referencing" the cage, Kraken RC reserves the rights to change the cage design for tooling as we see fit.

Kraken RC is no way involved with any disputes amongst various Japanese fabricators regarding this build.

International commerce law does state that when a One-Off (non commercial), un-patented and un-trademarked item is sold to another, the owner owns the rights to do whatever he pleases with it.

At the end of the day, we still agree to honor our original commitments to pay 2Stroker the agreed licensing fee.
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