Sold / Found Lots of good NEW baja parts


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Norwich, CT
Hey guys I got a bunch of NEW baja parts I am looking to sell. All prices are shipped in the CONUS. If you buy multiple item especially the small stuff I can come down on the price a bit. Thanks

Turtle Racing rear drive cup set. DDM # TT375 and TT376 $75.00****SOLD to Wackem****

DDM Zenoah clutch housing Kit GT280 $20

Complete HPI arm set. $35.00****SOLD to Baja Guy****

Craftwerks purple aluminum roof panel. $15

WT-668 carb. $20****SOLD to jdearduff****

HPI 18t pinion with heatsink and hardware. $10****SOLD to TTH****

DDM 18t pinion for Turtle Racing clutch bell. $15****SOLD to TTH****
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