Long story that won’t be told. Newly designed PRO AM RC parts are coming.


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PRO American made Rc is returning under its own banner and copyrighted name. I would like to announce our first 1/5 scale Rc product will be a 7075 upgrade chassis for the Losi 5iveT 2.0. After the launch of the new chassis names the SRC chassis we will have a new take on fixing the rear case issue some of you are having. The parts sold under a similar name do not have anything currently to do with us.

RcDuff. 3B36134D-A5B5-4319-8766-D0121B626511.jpeg3B36134D-A5B5-4319-8766-D0121B626511.jpeg3B36134D-A5B5-4319-8766-D0121B626511.jpeg