Lancelin Bajamania Big Bash 25th and 26th 2012 August


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Perth WA, Australia
Hi Guys been organizing with Mick and Robb having big bash at Lancelin again this year on the 25th and 26th August same spot as last year we had over 30 baja's last year, so will def get a few this year. Wont be holding Bajamania again this year as dads new business is still being setup and will be starting late June, there is no way for us to organize a big event with limited time and stuff going on, Bajamania will be next year 2013 early March/April as kanes not holding [email protected] next year there will be a racing event to look forward to and should get a few more interests, Will be doing the same as kane has holding the event every 2nd year, Hopefully see you all there at the big bash 25th and 26th August. Regards Ryan