IRC big bore shocks


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Im in the process of upgrading and rebuilding my baja 5T and i got the IRC big bore shocks for all 4 corners. Im curious what shock oil to use and the weight. Im going to be doing mostly off road but will be doing some on road in my neighborhood throughout the engine break in, tuning, and just casual wanting to start it and run it a bit. I have an OBR 8.2hp CNC Ported Full Mod 30.5cc engine on it along with quite a few aluminum upgrade pieces, mostly on the rear/drivetrain. So im wondering what weight of shock oil i need to use for the rear and front. Also it seems like its become alittle hard to get the hpi shock oil, so what other brands can i get? I guess i dont have to use the hpi oil since im not using hpi shocks anymore, so any suggestions on brands would also be helpful.