increased shipping to europe


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Hello DDM Guys,

I’ve spend a few thousends of dollars on your shop, bought two baja’s and many tuning parts – because you have good prices and a huge stock. But now it seems to be pointless to order on your site, because the shipping costs increased massively.

Example, a few months ago a set of Hostile MX Knobby tires was able to be shipped to Austria for approx.. 12$ - now it’s a shipping cost of 22$. If I add a few small thing it grows higher and higher.

Why are the shipping prices that high? Isn’t there a cheaper shipping option? Maybe with longer travel time but lower price…

PS: i hope you unterstand me, my english isn't the best.

Thomas from Austria


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Pittsburgh Pa
Pretty sure DDM has no control over the shipping costs, in all the years I have shopped with DDM I either got free shipping or shipping was very reasonable..
Are you being charged for customs fee's?


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Yes, the USPS international rates went up. We have good news though, since we do high volume we are working on getting a better discount, in the near future you should see the rates go down again. Not to as low as they used to be, but lower than what they are now. We are doing everything possible to help out. Thanks!


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Essex UK
Obviously you know us europeans have to pay import tax- which is none of your concern, but coupled with the high postage costs at your end i will admit its starting to cripple us over here.

Ive allways been one to buy from you guys over in america as the service i receive is far better than what i get in the UK! You ship it out to me just as quick as buying parts from a vendor here lol. Also with the dollar conversion its like getting discount and with paying the import tax it almost breaks even with the price for parts over here anyways so thats why i stick with you guys. A $4k spend over 3 years at DDM aint bad huh! :D