How Many Bajas do you have????

How many Baja's do you have?

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Shingle Springs CA
Just placed the order. In 3 days I will have my first Baja 5B SS!!:clap::clap: Let the insanity begin.

When is OBR going to release the 38 big block?:devil:


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I have an sc with team chase cage and kraken chassis running with 5b wheels and tyres, got a 30.5 obr fm lr in it which I'm gonna change to a 38 when they are out.

Also have a 5b shorty with a 30.5 rcmk engine.

Got a full Uber carbon fibre chassis and brace kit that was a 5b till I stripped it which I'm going to rebuild with a new obr 27.2 fm lr I've recently bought.

And then I have another kraken chassis and team chase cage which I am going to build into a shorty after some mods so i'll have 4 bajas


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Sandy, UT
I think I have four. I have a brand new 5SC SS LE that I just finished. It needs more Shoe Goo on the body and it will be ready to go, and I have a brushless 5T, and my original 5B is being converted to a Kraken Class One. It should be up and going in the next couple weeks. I have another 5B that is torn apart at the moment. I'm thinking I may make it into a rally car with that Grafil rally body after I get the others done, but we will see. I also have a Losi 5ive-T and I got myself a DBXL for Christmas this year.