Great spot to bash in Canton, GA....

Zomby Woof

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Marietta, GA
Last year Gone Rogue introduced me to this spot. We went there in Nov. But the weather has sucked since then. I went there yesterday (3/15/13) and had a blast there for the first time in a long time. :) Since I had moved to Marietta from Columbus, GA I have not had a good place to run. And I had put money into my Baja after relocating and got the car working real well, all sorts of improvement. I was even considering selling the Baja because there was no place to run. Grass soccer fields suck. So its about a 1/2 hr drive from home and its an easy drive. Here is a Google Earths screen shot of the place. I was running in the place where the "pin" in in the picture. This is a place where dirt bikes and ATV's play too. Plenty big! Although I was the only one around yesterday.


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Pittsburgh Pa
If I am not mistaken that place has been there for years, was used a lot by the atv, dirtbike and off road guys.. I haven't been down that way since moving back to NY but the last time I was there visiting family that place was still there..

Good find man, I am sure a lot of things and places have changed since I lived down there but I sure do miss Ga... Now you just need to get some fellow HBF guys together and go bash the hell out of the Baja's.. :scooter: