Gizmomotors Weekly Sale


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Well I finally made my first order with gizmo motors on Tuesday and I couldn't be happier...I started out to just get a carb but we all know how that goes so after looking at the website I started to just get some little things that are a must AND its these little things that add up....after counculating all the items in my cart it came out to 56 BUCKS with shipping and then I went on DDMS site and put all the same items in the cart just to see how much it would be and it came out to 98.00 with shipping so gizmo motors saved me some loot which is always the shipping was fast just like Dave's...when I order from Dave's I get my order on the 2nd day so if I place a ORDER on Monday I get it on Wednesday and to my surprise I ordered on Tuesday and got it on Thursday which was a real nice surprise....So to make a long story short gizmo motors is the place for good savings and fast shipping they don't have everything like ddm but they do have a lot of necessities that a baja owner needs and at almost half the price of Dave's on surtain items.....I will be checking gizmo motors alot more now...Thanks Gizmo motors for the saving me some money....
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Not sure which RCMK full mod to get, the 29.5 or the 30.5, how much higher does the 29.5 rev? Do these drop right in the 5b? Do I need a TR sealed clutch housing or do I replace the end bearings with seals like the Zenoah?