Gas/Oil (Petrol/Oil) Ratio Mixture Charts


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Im new to these engines and i just wanna make sure i have these ratios right from reading here.

So like 20:1 means more oil and the higher you go in ratio means less oil right? Or no...


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100cc's of oil would work out to 37.854:1. You would be running very lean on OIL and will probably shorten the life of your engine.

Fuel (1) US GAL to Oil (100cc's or 3.381412796534052 Fluid oz) Ratio (37.854:1)

25:1 = 5.12 Fluid oz or 151.416cc's of Oil
32:1 = 4 Fluid oz or 118.29375cc's of Oil
37.854:1 = 3.381412796534052 Fluid oz or 100cc's of Oil

I think I got the math correct.....
This chart might explain it better (CLICKY)
My local hobby shop said they run 40:1 in their Baja. When I did it burned up my motor.