Found a air leak.


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So I been working on the Bajas for a bit now, maintenance mostly. as I fixed a stripped exhaust thread in the head with a helicoil, and waited a day for the red thread lock to settle on the bolts. Meanwhile, I regreased the tranny on this one (the kraken) and also on the the 5B, and finished up some binding and wiring on the VW. So on to the next morning, waking up excited to witness the power that I remember having at the tip of my finger I grab the kraken and fired it up, *eargasms OBR full mod G320, VRC big bore rumbles amazing! So after tuning the 990 for a bit, the baja starts of very sluggish, mid speed it opens up like VTEC. an hour of pulling out my hair on the low needle, even swapped a new clutch, the Baja would take of very slow. So I suspected a leak after I heard a crackles on he low end. After I sprayed some WD-40 all around the "mouth" it dies when a certain spot around the intake manifold gets hit WD-40. I rebuilt everything making sure no gaskets are faulty, everything looks good so I reassemble everything. Same thing again, sluggish, no Snappiness unless I lift the rear wheels off the ground. I suspect a faulty manifold. I have two new ones ,but they are for the newer version of zenoah as I have a pre2014 zenoah. Keep in mind I have done maintenance like new gaskets throughout.even swapped out the G320 with a G290 to eliminate drivetrain issues, none found I get that Snappiness. I will start off with the intake, then carb. I have 2 new 990s don't want to use them up yet. Just waiting for that manifold to get delivered.