Farnborough Meet up


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Any one up for a Farnborough meet up , where the true bajas can have a race and fool around without having noise restrictions or tyre rules. There are no residential areas near by so noise is no isssue, plus there is a stock car track not that far away!

Farnborough has a tarmac track and plenty of off road areas, jumps and all. The only point is that we have to make sure that we dont clash with any racing events on the tarmac track, as we will not be able to access that side of the area.

The area at Farnborough is called Eelsmoor and the link to google is shown below.


It would be great to see some old faces and cars.

Perhaps we could all list dates that we are available and i will try and conduct a date when we are all around.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Many thanks


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Stevenage Hertfordshire
Charlie, I hope all is well with you and the family, I am free anytime from 11th June till 1st July for a Farnborough meet, lets do this, miss that place however harsh it is, it's great fun and yes no silly restrictions!!!