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rancho cucamonga so cal
I'm looking to sell my spare chassis. I got an X2 for my TSK so no need for metal chassis as spares. I have a black 5t chassis. This one is scratched up on the bottom but no deep gouges.

Then I have a gunmetal chassis. This one has a stress mark at the bend where it was slightly out of whack. I put it in my vise and put it straight again. No heat and it was barely out.

Last, a gunmetal chassis with barely any use on it. It is on my project SC/TSK but that's where the new X2 is going.

I want $120 shipped for all 3 chassis.

EDIT: I WILL SEPERATE. Both chassis in the first pic will be $35 each, shipped con us
The chassis in the last pic, still on my TSK, is $60 shipped con us. I can have the chassis off of the TSK in a half hour so it is ready to sell right away. Thanks for looking.
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