Bank Holiday Bashfest (4 & 5) *OFFICIAL THREAD*

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Just in case any of you are not aware of the BHBF Facebook page ( we announced (a fortnight ago) 2 dates for the 2014 Bank Holiday Bashfests.

We have been busy finalizing some other details in the meantime, and are now ready to announce the dates on a more global scale via forums etc. Without any further delay, the dates you are looking for are as follows.....

May 2nd/3rd/4th/5th (Fri-Mon) & August (22nd/23rd/24th/25th (Fri-Mon)

What we can already confirm for the May event...

Same location. Portly Ford Farm, Welford, Northants, NN6 6JF. We will be using the same area of the farm as we used in August 2013. The only difference being is that there will be 2 race tracks where we camped last year, and that the camping area has moved further up (directly behind the truck stop).

Flushing toilet facilities & Showers. These are provided for our use by the truck stop cafe. The cafe is closed at the weekend, so they will be exclusive to our event from the Saturday-Monday.

Drivers Stand. We have acquired a substantial amount of scaffolding for use as a drivers stand. This will sit between both tracks, so that you view either track from either side of the stand.

Improved catering facilities. More commercial catering equipment has been purchased so that we can offer the best food at the most competitive prices. We are also trying to source a permanent standing catering unit, so that we can accommodate more people for dining within the large marquee. Hopefully, if this can be done for the May event, then more dining tables & seating will be purchased. An added bonus is that the increased seating will (hopefully) make the marquee more of a social area in the evenings.

We are in the process of contacting all the usual companies for raffle prizes, and we will update the thread when we have confirmation for them.

Super Duper Early Bird tickets available from 01/12/2013 - 24/12/2014, priced at £15 per adult driver.

Advanced tickets available from 25/12/2013 – 25/04/2014, priced at £20 per adult driver.

Pay on the gate prices for an adult driver is £15 for a day ticket and £25 for the weekend ticket.


Whilst the BHBF event ethos is about having as much fun as possible, we are legally obliged to make the event as safe & risk free as possible for everyone. With this in mind, we have to make the following rules for all attendees.

  • Absolutely no R/C running in the camping area. By this we mean driving to/from the track/bashing areas. Driving around tents/motorhomes/caravans is expressly forbidden. You are permitted to run engines on stands etc. If you require a BHBF towrope, please see the event team when arriving where we will gladly provide some string.
  • Kold Kutters are not permitted. Between events, the land used is also used by farm animals. We cannot allow any possibility of a sharp object (ie Kold Kutter screws) becoming detached and ingested by any farm animal. Secondly, the potential for serious injury should a vehicle strike an attendee with Kold Kutters fitted is extremely high. Some of you may remember Mr Suggs taking a substantial hit from a baja last August. The damage would have been far worse if the car had Kold Kutters fitted.
  • Kill Switches. These will be mandatory for anyone driving a Petrol RC at our events. We will trust attendees enough not to physically check each car. A legal declaration will be signed stating that the signee has remote kill switches fitted.

The BHBF event team look forward to seeing you there in May & August.

Tickets can be purchased here