Sold / Found Almost new bajas for sale built with mostly aftermarket parts


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Any and Everything you need to run these buggies will be sold with the buggy except gas. I can even include a quart of 2 stroke oil and 10 spark plugs.

Great Wheelie Machines and excellent performance. I assembled these buggies with tons of aftermarket parts and well thought of modifications but have no time to enjoy.
Black buggy oneillbrothers 30.5cc full mod motor with 5t gear and wheels $1550. White buggy oneillbrother 27.2cc full mod motor with 5b gear and wheels $1450. Both assembled with identical aftermarket parts. Time on motor two or three full tanks after break-in

Each buggy includes rechargeable battery, recharger, Futaba 3PMX 2.4Ghz Radio/Receiver Kit and Kraken RC Bullet Fueler Kit in picture above.

Feel free to make offers or ask any questions.

Free shipping in the US

Both buggies are equipped with
Baja Skunkworks 2-Speed
Threshold Compensation Chambers (Rezzies) full kit
HARDENED STEEL Heavy Duty gear in transmission
Team fast eddy transmission bearing kit
Turtle Quick Diff Transmission silver
Turtle v2 Starter silver
Outerwear starter cover (for v2 turtle starter)
Turtle HD Top Plate silver
Turtle Billet HD Tranny Plate silver
Zinc plated bolts with a torx head for motor and transmission
Turtle HD Front and rear Mount/Shock Tower silver
Scorpion shorty kit
Scorpion front stiffener brace
Worx front bumper
Killer RC kill-bee kill switch with alarm (set for radio off switch)
Killer RC light control box (hight beam, brake and strobe lights with a click of the button on the radio)
Front and rear lights (set for channel 3)
Battery indicator (mounted on motor)
Futaba 3PMX 2.4Ghz Radio/Receiver Kit
Modified RC V2 Rear Bumper Short with wheel (for wheelies)
ATC H-Boom quick release cage brace (easy to remove roll cage without dismanteling unit)
Baja skunkworks quick release (for roll cage)
Dark Soul axle hub extenders (all four wheel)
Ddm Lightened Flywheel (less centrifugal weight)
DDM "Black Magic" Ni-MH 6v Hump Receiver Battery Pack 5000mah
Kraken RC Bullet Fueler Kit
Craftwerks MSD HP Spark Plug Wire
PhatDad-RC Nutted Hinge Pin Set
Rpm arms front and rear upper and lower
Team FastEddy Front Hub Ball/Cone Combo
Turtle Racing Complete Clutch System
Team FastEddy Complete bearing Kit in transmission and wheels
Hitec 5755 Digital Metal Gear Steering servo
DarkSoul Billet Servo Saver
Threshold Servo Saver Spring Support
IRP Front Turnbuckles (for precise steering adjustment)
Fullforce-RC Full Throttle/Steering Servo Clamp Set
Redneck air filter (great protection from dirt)
Outerwear air filter cover (added protection)
ADA Billet aluminum RC Intake Manifold
Shread Industries Inclined ShreadStack (Velocity Stack)
Team Chase Carb Diaphragm Filter (protect small air hole in back of carb)
Walbro WT-813 High-Performance Carburetor
PhatDad Fan Cover Saver
and more

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