Alcohol Setup


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Hey Trevor.

Firstly wanted to say your motors are awesome, shreds in my Baja.

Secondly, my motor is due for a rebuild, its a standard 36mm +2mm cranked 4 bolt case.

I am wanting to move to Alcohol set up with a 17:1 dome with a 499 carby.

What do you recommend in terms of compression ratio? 15:1 or 17:1?

I have E85 fuel available near me and its 85% ethanol and 15% petrol (approx).

Will I need a 499 carby or is there another option?

Do I need to run an adjustable timing cover to retard or advance the timing to help with the higher octane?

Sorry for the load of questions. Would be great to have a crack at alcohol set up.

Cheers! jono