For Sale a lot of parts for baja!


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i converting my BAJA 5B to electric so i have parts for sale.
1. OBR engine- Full mod 27.2cc 4bolt- 8.2hp- almost new condition, need a break in, come with WT990 carb+
tygoon fuel lines with quick dissconect connectors+Phat dad v stack+TGN air filter+ tr racing pull start.
price- 400$
2. Tr Tranny plate+ Turtle Racing One Piece Brake Mount
price- 45$
3. Victory R/C PRO Side-Mount 5B/5T Pipe - Non silenced- come painted in chrome color + Exhaust Brace for Victory RC Sidemount Pipes.
price- 180$
4. Turtle Racing HD V2 Complete Clutch System for HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC+( With grabber clutch mod)
price - 120$
5. 5 NGK CMR7H Spark Plugs 3 new.
each one 2$ or 5 in 10$
6. RCR Brake Upgrade Kit for HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC
price - 40$
7. CY / RC 54mm Clutch Shoe and Spring Kit
8.Walbro WT-668 Carb.
9. CY / RC Ignition Coil
price- 20$
10. Modified RC Gas Cap
price - 25$

if someone has inrest in some part i can send pics im PM. thnx and good day