5t or 5b for racing


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North Vancouver, B.C.
Either one would be good. Only difference I would think is ground clearance, higher on a 5t then 5b. 5b may be a little quicker though. The 5t tends to roll back on its tires more then the 5b, guess that's because of the top plug guard, side body mounts and body itself. The 5b doesn't roll back on its tires as much. 5t takes a little more time to work on due to a few more parts and tuning would take time to as you'd need to remove the 5t body and a 5t body is more expensive to replace if damaged. A 5b easy to tune on the go, don't need to remove the body and its cheaper to replace if damaged. Both bajas. Would do well on the track. Have u considered the Losi 5ive T, I've heard it's a awesome track runner