2012 HPI Baja Endurance Challenge - **24 hours** - Austria


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Just a quick announcement!

I'm happy to say we have confirmed that the 2012 HPI Baja Endurance Challenge will be at the big EFRA-spec Fehring circuit in Austria!

We are going to TWENTY-FOUR HOURS this year, so get your cars ready!

All of the usual rules apply, keep watch on the HPI EU website for details!

If you don't have enough people from your country to make up a team, we will make it possible for you pay just for yourself and HPI will put you in a multi-national team. If the team needs a fresh RTR car, one can be supplied at a special discount price.

I'd like to see three teams from the UK there, now that we've got a proper challenge on our hands :)

Frank - HPI

I posted this in the EU region section but no one has replied yet - also posted in the General Discussions board but that thread was deleted...?