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    Sold / Found WTB: 5T or 5SC wheels, Tires Optional

    I will also trade my 5B wheels and HPI paddle tires for 5T or 5SC set-up. My wheels and tires have literally 1 tank of gas on them.
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    Sold / Found WTB: 5T or 5SC wheels, Tires Optional

    Just converted my 5B to a 5T with a Kraken Class 1 cage. Looking for 5T or 5SC wheels. With paddle tires would be a plus. Let me know what you have. Thank You.
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    Can Someone Make A Sticky For Exhausts...

    I do not post much on here, but I am very good at using the "Search" feature. I try to refrain from asking the common questions that are asked 1,000,000 times. I have been searching for a long time on an exhaust for my 5T. I am looking for more low to mid range and do not really want to...
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    Finally!!! The Long Wait Is Over :)

    Finally after researching, saving and waiting I finally have my HPI Baja 5T sitting infront of me. Noone told me you had to charge the truck 10 hours before use LOL, I am itching to get out and run it. The body is black and I paid $1,225 OTD for a brand spankin new 5T, I think I did pretty...