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    Sold / Found Z-RC Billet Intake Manifold Red NIP

    New in package Z-RC Billet Intake Manifold $25 Shipped
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    Sold / Found Futaba 3PMX and extra receiver

    I have a year old Futaba 3PMX that I no longer need now that I upgraded to a 4PL. Normal wear on the radio but not major scratches or dings. Includes 1 receiver.SOLD Futaba R603FF SOLD Bundle it all for SOLD
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    Sold / Found Baja SS Roller

    Just rebuilt this rig and ready to send it out the door for th next project. Includes RPM arms all four corners, HPI billet clutch carrier. Most of the metals on this rig are brand new also along with new dog bones and boots. Shocks and gear cover are not pictured but included. Also have misc...
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    Diff Bearings

    Pulled my diff tonight and noticed some discoloration on my TR quick diff where the bearing seats. Looks like it may be getting hot. Any thoughts? This is a dedicated oval car and this is the left side bearing. So I am wondering if it might have to do when my weight is transferred off the...
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    Best boot for Toobz?

    I see everyone says you can run the hostiles with the DS toobz but one practice on the track tonight and they are destroyed. I trimmed them and looked at all the threads. There is so many mixed reviews and just not sure which way to go. Its too expensive to be replacing them this often.
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    My oval build

    This is my first baja and will be a dedicated oval car. I am thinking a Losi will be in the future to go play offroad with. Started with a pile of parts Body mocked up on the chassis and ready to go get wrapped First days progress And after today And my helper inspecting Also...
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    Great seller wrong17

    Picked up a few parts and the whole transaction was very pleasant. Items were shipped in timely manner and packaged well. Thanks again!
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    Scale bumpers?

    I see a few pictures of people with front and rear scale bumpers to make it look like a real modified, late model, etc. Are these all custom jobs or is someone making them to buy? Interested in getting a front and rear for a modified/usmts.