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    irish bash

    will add some pics and videos from today
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    Now i brought a tacho at ddm on dotd and i was wondering if is anyway of working out top speed using the max rpm with the gear ratio .. i understand will not be spot on due to wheel spin etc but might give a rough idea thanks paul
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    flm splined cvd

    simple enough has anyone tried these good bad reports thanks paul
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    all ireland

    i now not in uk but is easier right have started this thread due to coming across a new irish member .... we have bashes normally once a month have one coming up on the 15th may at the curragh co kildare if need more info pm me and will help out will also update this thread with some pics of...
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    Product info

    Hi turtle was wondering if will be offering anytime soon the tranny plate with tr brake 1 piece rather than other bit thanks Paul Sent from my GT-I9000
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    5t with esp 27.2 and obr jetpro bigboss pipe was just out for a uick spin sorry about quality but was done on a fone i now needs bit of tunning but put to stock and throw on a new carb before the run
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    Redbull 5t

    So am just putting it back together have put engine and pipe back in today will finish off tomo for.the beach on Sunday also some nice new rear shoes to test Sent from my GT-I9000
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    jetpro/obr boss

    right thinking about getting the new obr jetpro pipe is anyone else running been chatting to sean and am 90% there but would like to now other opions.... i have been running a v1 also have a vrc pro rear silenced. engine running a 30.5 obr full mod with a tps ingition system ... thanks for any...
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    Red bull 5t

    i have at last mount my red bull shell painted by hiks Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk
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    engine issue

    hi there i got a obr 30.5 full mod and am having some real issue with starting it.. I got it started once but not again has got so bad trying to start have wrecked a flywheel due to coil slipping after pulling it so much. And yes i unflood it ever so often. Just at wits end now sean has asked me...
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    red bull 5t

    heres a pic of new 5t shell
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    pinion issue

    this is my pinion after 8 tanks run on sand hostile spurs it eat 2 of them this is not first time has happend is a weekly thing and getting quite expensive 1 or 2 pinions and a few spur gears a week thanks for looking would like others opions ... is running a esp 27.2 mod and ported engine on v1...
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    beach fun

    a few pics of my car on the beach on sunday i think look good so thought would share
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    bit of beach fun

    thought would as this vid thanks rockypro for filming as not put one up for awhile and this is what have progressed to hope like it
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    best shell

    hi there was wondering what is the best 5t shell for hard bashing to not even mind if comes pre painted just want something that will take the rolls and flips etc... some one told me there was one made from a rubber based plastic like trash bins thanks links would be great if can help
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    gorey bash

    my 5b mines one with blue leds and then is ngun200 5b and rockypro 5t
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    hand made exhaust small vid of hand made exhaust was made by one of special effects guys at work will get pics of soon .. was made of stanless still outer with gun barrell inside
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    chacal axle cup rings ( help needed ) has anyone used these at all as just rec set and all instruction in french very green so just need some help
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    my baja

    here is my baja has been slow going but getting there waiting on head and v2 from mmr so hopefully next week shall have to extra fast fun lol any suggestions would be great thanksfor looking paul