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    Thanks to 20,000 members!! Do you want a Free Baja!!

    Thank You to every one of the 20,000 on this forum!!! Well...where do I start!!?? Firstly, I apologize for not being around to acknowledge this on the forum and to all of you who sent congratulatory messages. For those of you North of the 49th, you will know what I am referring to - for those...
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    Thanks to 20,000 members!! Do you want a Free Baja!!

    Baja giveaway Of course I want one too! Thanks for such a unique place, exlusive to the most amazing of all the RC world!
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    Is it just me - or is there no Protecta Parts website - despite the URL in your signature panel?
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    Bearing recessed into outer part of diff case

    This was my first time taking the diff apart, I am switching to a turtle diff. When I took the cups out and then took the big bearing off the outside, there was a small bearing recessed into the housing. Behind this there is an o ring. On the inside there was a brass bushing and then the weird...
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    Killer Kuestion!

    I posted in the electronics section...having a hard time getting kill switch and the new V2 light controller to both work on my Airtronics MX-3FG, 3 channel? Any tips?
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    New Rim styles?

    Am I missing something. It seems to be the same old round and round story. Split Six or Desperado, someones billet very expensive rims and stockers. Where are the options for the consumer??? Everyone makes beadlocks - but rims...... So if someone has one offs or knows of a manufacturer of...
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    Airtronics MX-3FG and Killer RC Light and Kill Switches

    I just added lights from DDM and the Killer light controller to my setup. I can't seem to get the Kill switch and the light controller to work together. It is either one or the other...using Aux out on light controller (V2).... Any thoughts - Airtronics manual is weak....going to a 4PK someday...
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    Race Gas vs Pump Gas

    Hi guys, I am BRAND NEW to this forum and with thousands of posts I looked around a bit and saw some Octane discussions. Can I run 104 Octane Race Gas in these motors - or does it need some of the lubricants and "crap" from pump gas still. We only have 91 Octane on Supreme pump here. Thanks...