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    Sacramento baja owners

    It's been a while since I ran my Baja and the place I usually go out and bash is now full of houses so anybody here in sac knows any good place to bash preferably in the south area???
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    Help my B wont start!

    So I just finished rebuilding the engine because of a leaky gasket. Build everything the way its suppose to be and now it won't start. I checked everything I can think of and everything is ok. Killer switch is good and I'm getting sparks, full lines are not clogged, new plugs, freshly charged...
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    why heavier oil weight in front?

    Newbie question, why heavier oil weight in front? Can somebody please explain this to me, I know it has something to do with landing front first but I'm not sure. Do you have to run heavier oil in front or u could run heavier on the back. The reason why I ask is I tried running 55 wt silicon in...
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    80wt on the rear

    I was wondering if someone knows or run 80wt silicone oil with 3hole on the rear. Blew my shocks today and 80wt is all I have. Running a Hbz sandrail cage too so I figure it would help with the weight. Suspension is not my cup of tea so I can use all the advice I can get, Any opinions????
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    Im about to throw in the towel!!!

    So I've been [trying to dye my brand new tank in red but for some reason after 40 hours or so ( I stopped counting after 40) on the pan its still orange. I've done and tried everything I can think off and all the suggestion I got from her. I did things from adding more heat, more dye, stirred...
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    Is this any good??

    I'm looking for a new hub carrier is this any good??
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    Finally got my rail

    Its been a while since I wrenched on my b since I got into crotch rockets. I started reading up on some stuff here few weeks ago and ended up getting a few new stuff. Here's what I came with CPI BB pipe Hostile mxt Silverback lipped outer rings Rpm front and rear bumper and Powdercoated...
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    discount code!!!

    Im trying to purchase some stuff at LSRC and when i tried the "HBF" code and it wont work. Tried it in different variations lowercase and uppercase but still no go, even tried "lsf" and the a000x code but still no discount, does anybody know a different code?
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    Thanks to 20,000 members!! Do you want a Free Baja!!

    I want one!!!!! Really bad
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    what the difference between 4pk and 4pks?

    I've been trying to search this but I can't find it anywhere so I figured start a thread about it. So what's the difference between the 4pk and the new 4pks?
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    Foam for mini mx

    What's the best foam for mini mx?
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    Need help

    i have a hitec 5755mg servo but i lost the screw that goes on the servo arm does anybody know what size they are
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    Need opinions on buying a used T

    I been wanting to get another baja and I saw a local ad for a 5t for $850 thinking of buying it but not sure if its a good price. The t is a year old, less than 3 gallons on the engine, comes with futaba 3pm, futaba s5050 steering servo, integy aluminum hubs f&r, and about 30% thread left on...
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    Feedback about integy full rollcage

    I know majority of us has a thing with integy but what do you guys think about this full roll cage??? does anyone have any feedback on them??? I'm planning to build a sandrail but on a very limited budget
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    Futaba 3pks problem, need help please

    I got a futaba 3pks 2.4g and i seem to be having problems with it. I keep losing the signal and can't figure out why? It will have signal and the receiver will have a green light then all of sudden i will lose signal and the led will turn red then turn green again and gain signal. I use to have...
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    Sandrail options

    Is there any other choices of sandrail other than Rc4wd and Hbz???
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    Dillon beach bashing sat 7/3/10

    Hey you guys just wanted to let you know that after all the fun my buddies and I had bashing at dillon beach last sat was cut short due to family emergency. Now that everything is all good we decided to go back on the 3rd of July to have more fun. So if any of you guys out there want to go just...
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    Dillon beach on Sat 6/19/10!!!!

    My buddies and I are going to dillon beach this coming sat to bash if anyone interested in joining us just let me know we'll be there the whole day
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    SVM MK5 parts

    Hey do any of you guys know where I could buy parts for a SVM MK5 onroad car???
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    How long does the pull start cord should be???

    Does anybody know how long the pull start cord should be? I got a cord from a local lawn mower store but not sure how long I should put