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    Roll cage question.

    If you want to keep the 5B look there's nothing wrong with the stock cage, it's the stock plug protector that sucks. I'm running the TGN unit on my rigs and it allows you to remove the plug without having to remove the guard first. Another great mod are the Modified tubes for quick and easy cage...
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    Juice Boxes

    They're like boost bottles.... crap/waste of $$$. ;)
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    Shipping charges to Canada

    Hey Brad, how are things? I tried placing an order this morning for some 5B air filter o-rings and a set of Kold Kutter screws but the shipping cost was $16 and not the standard $7. Has your shipping gone up since my last order or was there a glitch in the system? Thanks, Sean PS: I've tried...
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    elcon clutch ???????

    I run an Elcon on one of mine and the best way is to thread the center threaded rod/set screw all the way into the crank, install a piston stop, remove the 4 clutch housing bolts and behind the clutch you'll find a hex attached to it. It's a tight area to get to but you should have enough room...
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    Why is my 5B a lawn dart?

    The 5T jumps better because the body acts like a parachute helping suspened the front end up in flight. Alot of people think the 5B is nose heavy because it seems to nose dive from jumps but it's not. The ass end is actually trying to come over the front end basically pushing the front end...
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    Fiance's winter spare parts build.

    Well the fiance has always loved coming out bashing and to other official RC events like my fly-ins and air shows etc. I purchased her an E-Savage a few years back and holy shite she was a natural at it. So one day while out on one of our outings I let her drive one of my baja's around the park...
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    Hostile heat shield/scoop

    Anyone seen these or know more about them other than the description at DDM? Looks interesting but I've never heard of the rear shock issue caused from the heat of the motor. If the amount of heat from the motor was to cause a shock...
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    Pro-line's new 5B graphite chassis.

    I just received July's issue of RC Car Action and in their RCX section page 48, saw Pro-Line has come out with a new graphite main chassis. Has anyone seen this yet or found any other info on it? They claim a 1 lbs weight reduction.
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    Golden Horizon Spark plug cover

    Does anyone know if the GH spark plug cover has to be taken off to remove the spark plug? I want another TGN spark plug cover in black but can't find them anywhere in stock and DDM says they don't know when they'll have them in stock again. I've looked all over the forum but can't find any info...
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    Pictures of my BAJA

    Well guys I finally figured out how to post pictures (with help from my GF) I started my build last November and pretty much finished it a few months ago. I know it's a JPV3 but I wanted some top end for my 30.5.(lots of open fields here in the prairies) Nothing spectacular like some of the...