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    Sold / Found Stuff for Sale

    OK all, time to get rid of some stuff that I have been holding on to for too long. Everything here mentioned is including shipping within the lower 48. HPI 5B roll cage with new H Bomb quick release, new aluminum spark plug cover by GPM??? and new, polished Modified RC roof scoop. $135...
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    Our Vendors & warranties...

    Hello HBF, I was not sure on what section to start this thread, so I parked it here... For many years, I have been hearing about our great vendors, manufacturers and innovators and the warranties on their parts. Lately, I have been reading a good amount of chatter when it comes to...
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    New 2.4Ghz Robitronics Rx & Tx

    Here I have a brand new 2.4Ghz Robitronics Tx & Rx for sale. $60 shipped
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    5B Zeikle body

    Here I have a Zeikle 5B body that was never used. It has light blemishes from sitting around. $75 shipped within US.
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    Losi DBXL

    Hello everyone, so I bit the bullet and bought the DBXL. I am a fan of the MCD cars but bash kinda hard so with my MCD's I was always scared to drive them hard as parts are not so easy to get. I love my Losi 5ive T, it is as close to indestructible as can get! So, reading all of the info...
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    Winter Re builds & makeovers...

    Not sure if I can start this thread here, but who is going to change things up on their rides this season and what would you like to share? Looking for ideas as we all seem to feed off one another. I have many of the upgrades that I can use, so besides just replacing broken parts with the...
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    RCMax 46cc Billet Reed Engine

    Hello all, This following thread will be aimed to present information about the new, upcoming engine from RCMax. As far as I know, the motor is to be released some time this year. I will be speaking with Chris Dawson of RCMax some time next week and will update this thread periodically as I...
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    Life is precious

    In the past10 hour's of my life, I learned that a mere 3-4 inches changed my best friend of 30 years life forever. In West New York NJ, a bus driver, allegedly on the phone, dropped off passengers and upon departing, lost control, hit a poll and 2 cars. that pole missed my friends wife and...
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    Got Motor??? The Paranormal Build ala RCMAX

    I built and ran my RCMAX 70 last year but I updated her this past winter. I ran her this weekend but only for a tank as I was concentrating on breaking in another motor but I will give her hell this coming weekend & hopefully have some vids! Enjoy the pics:scooter:
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    80.3 CC's of Pure Bartolone HorsePOWER!!!

    So I got to run this past weekend for 2 days straight! Thanks Wifey!!! I took out 3 rides. Two of them having Chris Bartolone Power Plants. And they both ripped on 2 very heavy rides!!! My Losi has a 29.5 TS Reed built & ported by Chris & my HPI Baja has a 50.8 twin built with love from...
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    2nd Gen Designs Welded Fuel Cells Club

    Good evening all!:cowboy:!:cowboy:! By now, some of you may have received your tanks from Kris @ 2nd Gen Designs. I think this tank is so Bling that I thought I would start a club for it. Kris, you are going to be very busy! I want another one! Here are some pics!
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    OliB27's Fun Build "The return of my Original 5T"

    Hey guys, since getting into 5th scale about 3 years ago, I have come down with the same disease that most all in this forum have; Upgradeitus:cursing: Well, in building a couple of Bajas, I kind of got away from what got me into largescale, and that was my first T! So I took a bunch of...
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    OliB27's Twin SandRunner Build.

    What's up everyone! So me and some of the local guys decided at the end of last season that we will setup 1 of our rides for some beach fun in 2013... Now, hurricane Sandy(YOU SUCK), came and went and we are unsure as to which beach we will be running on because the majority (if not all), are...
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    OliB27's 5ive

    I have had this since it first came out. So now is when I decide to put up pictures. LOL I converted it to electric and never even ran it and decided to go back to gas as everyone I run with does gas. Here are some of the mods done so far: TR Chassis Braces Bartolone Shock Perches Modified...
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    Twin Build

    What's up everyone! So I ran a couple of 5th scales and one of them is a twin. I ran her last year for the first time with the patient assistance of Dave (DSCJester) and others. I usually do not do build threads but decided that since I have some goodies, I might as well share it with our...
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    Happy Birthday Buddy!

    Yeah, yeah yeah,,, I know I am late but I wanted to wish a very happy birthday and happy New Year to Buddy!:happybday:
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    Sold / Found TR/OBR 30.5 Reed Case

    I am selling my brand new TR/OBR 30.5 Reed Case. I have moved up to much bigger motors and some of my “Small Blocks” must go. My Loss is your gain. I am including a brand new coil as well! Please feel free to ask any questions! $485 shipped. ***SOLD***
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    Sold / Found Obr 30.5 fmlr

    ***UPDATE***12/19/12 ****SOLD******** I am now selling this as a LongBlock as I have sold and removed more of the parts that I was originally selling. This will now sell as a longblock with the addition of a red Outerwears Crankcase/Flywheel cover, manifold, Zenoah clutch case and clutch...
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    Sold / Found Spektrum DX3R Pro

    ***SOLD*** Hello, I am selling my barely used DX3R Pro with an SR300 reciever (not shown). It is in great condition and as you can see, I still have the LCD sticker on it. I used it a couple of times and prefer my other radio. I tested it out 2 weeks ago and everything works perfect...
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    On Road Build, The RoadRunner

    Hello all, here is a build that I have been working on for a couple of months now. It started out life as a dragster for Floyd Bennet Field, but I have since decided that I wanted more of an all around Road Runner... She is still pretty light but some of the pieces that I have since added kind...