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    Playin in the sand

    nice vid but give it some gas buddy let it rip in the dunes lol
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    hot glue to strengthen the body shell

    had this HPI short course shell since last july and was scared to use it so after some thought i bought a hot glue gun and and some hard glue sticks stiffened up the obvious areas and presto it does stiffen the shell up but its still flexible did a high speed roll on short grass and yes it didnt...
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    another short build in the house

    another short course build in the house this arrived today:D bought by my beautifully understanding girl friend as a most appropiate birthday present....(well she did ask me what i wanted for my birthday):happybday:to me again:clap: well now i have some thing to play with while she goes and...
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    short course truck for my 54th b/day

    :w00t:the girl friend asked me what i would want for a b/day present next w/end..................thinking..............still thinking...........thought it out some more................hell yeah a short course truck would be real nice:)......she ordered one for me :w00t:the SS kit to boot,i have...
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    turtle HD enclosed clutch set up/ bearings

    guys its been 13 months of hard ball with the turtle enclosed heavy duty set up and yesterday a clutch bell bearing died (outer one)f%ck this product is the real deal period and i run a modded stock clutch and lightened turtle clutch bell so it does get hot as at times:clap:thanks mate for your...
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    corner weight balancing the bajas.....yes or no

    Hi guys have been wondering for a while if balancing the corner weight of our bajas would improve handling or not,we do it in 1:1 scale tarmac racing,since we have adjustable suspension on our bajas would this of benefit or not......may be a silly thing to ask....but ask i did :blushing:
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    high stutter is doing my head in

    ok this is what i got,wore out an 813 carb and replaced it with the new 770 carb the 4 bolt zens come with now,engine is a piston ported 29.5, threshold filter, VRC side mounted tuned pipe,changed out everything including gaskets reset the carb to the settings i had on the 813 but went alittle...
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    new shell and theme for season 2011

    just finnished up a new shell for this season,proline trofeo shell painted in Team Toyota Racing factory colours,fitted the tight bite inner guards and she doesnt look too shabby at all,neat,clean and simple lines done with Tamiya rattle cans:chef: and Protecta rear wing and chassis...
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    I want a boat...give some pointers

    Guys i want to buy a big gas powered boat,done alittle site surfing and i really like the look of the Venom King of Shaves C1 cat,it looks well built and has a 4 bolt engine which i intend to modify etc as you do,handles well and looks fairly stable in the water at speed from what i have seen...
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    $450.00 DDM order went walk about....happy ending

    Guys a big shout out to Brad @ DDM,thought my $450.00 order had gone walk about round the world and vanished, spoke to him and he said "il sought it,sit tight",well it arrived at my company 6.30am yesterday morning as i was opening up.....i just felt i needed to let you guys into alittle secret...
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    someone threw out an office chair...likely work stand

    found an office chair in the garbage,hmmmmm might make a good dispay/wrenching stand,a couple of hours later and this is what i made from junk laying round my workshop LOL nice and sturdy even height adjustable........send me your old office chairs and for carton of Corona beers ill make one...
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    dollar parity almost enevitable

    Hi guys with the AUS dollar predicted to go 1 for 1 within the next few days against the US dollar,i challenge the guys on the left to offer us some super deals on there gear, who is with me on this,it is a win win situation for all who participate.....i just placed a $500.00AU order with these...
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    808 key chain micro camAVI

    Wow these little cams are impressive got mine from Singapore for $10.00 delivered to Australia 30fps quality is magic
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    buying a second hand baja

    Hi guys dont think this has been posted up before,but for guys looking to purchase a second hand ride what do you think the new guys to this hobbie should look out for before they hand over there hard earned cash,ive had a few guys contact me down here and ask me to get there bajas just to run...
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    channel welding sand car body on a 5T

    did a little search but couldnt find the answer,Question is; will the channel welding sand car body fit staight on to the 5T chassis,thanks guys.
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    second TMR clutch delaminated

    yep the the replacement clutch i got from TMR delaminated the same way as the first in around the same running time (15 minutes) installed in a TR heavy duty enclosed set up running a stock spring as advised not bitchin but,so ill move on,have an elcon using lautabacka springs but got too hot so...
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    a big brother for my 5b

    have been wanting own and build a 5t/bug for around a year and i have!:tongue:now i have a nice 5b and a nice 5bug,25 hours went into this little project and many many dollars(the play money pool is empty)just waiting on paint and the modifiedRC long rear bumper.engine was built and supplied by...
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    good performing rear bumper for them bug body

    hi guys im building a 5t/bug conversion and need some input as to which will be the best rear bumper to fit up to this,im really liking the modified RC V2 long as i have one on my 5b(short version),the bug will be running a side mounted ex pipe and im a little concerned about the rear engine...
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    fuel tank breather set up cheap as bro

    after a bit of thought and a few beers i wanted to eliminate the fuel cap vent so as it doesnt get clogged with sand and came up with this,sealed the gas tank cap and put in a nitrile rubber o ring, replaced the tank grommet with a Kawasaki one(has three holes) and put a McCulloch chain saw one...
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    an embarrasing situation with pinion bolt

    nearly 3 years in the baja hobby and i spose it had to happen one day,should have swapped out the 12.9 pinion bolt after cleaning and maintenance from the last sand dune bash, wound it back in with a touch of red locktite and rounded out the cap head (first one ever)FAAAAARRKK!!, i have used a...