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  1. 65BAJA

    Dave's Discount Motors, Deal of the Day!

    Any chance of Turtle pull starts going on special?
  2. 65BAJA

    My 2nd Baja build will be OBR Twin Powered

    Is this beast still around?
  3. 65BAJA

    5b ss rebuild

    Any pictures of the rebuild?
  4. 65BAJA

    Street Tires for Baja's

    What is the best insert to run with the slicks?
  5. 65BAJA

    Poor braking

    I switched to the RCR brakes myself. They are worlds better than stock.
  6. 65BAJA


    Just put mine back together and ran it for the first time in 3 years. Need tires and new air filter foam. Oh...and fresh gas that isn't also 4 years old. I was surprised it ran at all.
  7. 65BAJA

    Time to get it running again.

    Back together and running. Need some fresh gas and a good carb tune.
  8. 65BAJA

    Time to get it running again.

    For the last 3 years my 5B has been in pieces on my bench. I think it's time to get it moving again. Going to need new tires for the front at least but I think that is about it. This forum seems to be a bit ah...less active now vs 3 years ago. Did everyone sell off their rigs?
  9. 65BAJA

    Were in prarie city do people run their hpi bajas in Sacramento ca

    I haven't run mine in a while but I've run it at Prairie City a few times.
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    I haven't run mine in about 2-3 years. Motor started dieing out after 30 seconds of running. Pulled the motor changed the carb, changed the gaskets, changed the gas, changed the plug. Then finally I just gave up. Read a post about a year later about someone having the same issues. Turns out it...
  11. 65BAJA

    Anybody run a WT990 on a stock 26 Fuelie?

    Just wondering if anyone is running the WT990 on a stock 26 Fuelie? Would there be any gains? Better low end? More overall power? Was it any more difficult to start?
  12. 65BAJA

    Ported 28.5cc 2 bolt top end.

    Currently I'm running a stock 26 Fuelie with hi flow can and a shreadstack. If I keep the hi flow can exhaust will I see much performance improvement with the 28.5cc race ported top end?
  13. 65BAJA

    6K clutch spring?

    The area I run in has some really hard pack terrain with a light dusting on top. I was wondering if maybe a lower RPM clutch spring might reduce the tire spin a little. Let the clutch engage before the motor is making too much power to spin the tires. Just a thought. Or maybe someone has some...
  14. 65BAJA

    DDM made my weekend!

    Got my kill switch, Outerwares, and chassis brace. Thanks DDM!
  15. 65BAJA

    RAMTech-RC Kill Switch Give-Away

    I want one.
  16. 65BAJA

    2014 5b ss

    Does anyone know if the #112457 2014 5B SS kit has started shipping yet? Tower says available late December. Well, it's pretty late in December already. My Tower club membership expires in Early January.