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    Alloy wheels?

    hi guys! im so tempted to buy this wheels but i just want to know if anyone know anything about this wheels i saw this fron ebay and the seller is UKRC. it says alloy...
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    Need help with my CARB!!! PLEEEEASE

    hey guys, i recently down-graded my head kit and from ported 27cc to the original 23cc head, i also took away the a aftermarket k&n style filter and the velocity stack and put the original air filter back and lastly i change the mielkie side pipe to the original stock exhaust. i did all this...
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    Thanks Phatashki

    thanks Phatashki for the nice and smooth transaction. the DB tyres are already installed in my car. nice doing business with you Dennis
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    Redcat Rampage wheels, will they fit the Baja?

    hi guys, first of all im not sure if this topic is allowed, but if its not, please delete it moderators. ok, so my question is, is there anyone here seen the Redcat rampage MT or TT wheels?, and are they an exact fit for the baja? and also i notice that it is a beadlock and im just wondering...
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    Over steering question

    hi guys! in my last outing with my converted 5T, i was having trouble with oversteering. the surface is a mixture of hard pack dirt and dry grass, im running on MX nightmares on the back and stock ribs on the front, it seems to have very little traction on the rear when im cornering even on 1/4...
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    My 5T conversion in action (first day out)

    this is my first run since the conversion and i notice a bit of change in the handling and jumping behavior in my car, its much smoother than it was a 5B, so im happy with the conversion and my next upgrade would be a proper 5T tyres which im sure is gonna make a lot of difference. thanks for...
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    my 5T conversion with plenty of home made parts

    hi all, i just wanna show my 5T conversion and first paint job, this car has a my home made steel mounting for the 5t body shell, i also made the light pods myself using a 14 led flashlight and the chassis guard. thanks for looking
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    pvc glue for a paint mask??

    hi guys, i wonder if i can use a pvc glue as a paint mask? i have quite a lot of left over from my sons paper mache project and i know for a fact that this glue deosnt really adhere to a shiny surface and can easily peel off. has any body tried it?
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    5T conversion using steel mounts. must see!!!

    Hi guys, a couple of months ago a shop send me a wrong body shell, instead of a 5B proline desert rat they gave me a 5T instead with no stickers and mounts. i was upset but i thought id keep it and just buy another one. it is because of this incident that gave me the idea to convert my baja...
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    Xcan vs mielkie

    hi guys! I have a 26cc engine with ported head and piston and im using a mielkie side pipe. i am happy with it in terms performance and especialy and quiteness of it. but im having second thoughts of buying an XCAN and put two ddm silencers to it. the reason why i like it is my friend has this...
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    Cool tool bag

    Hi guys! i thought id share my cool dicovery:laugh: I just came from a bash and on my way home i though i drop by Halfords (local car shop) and buy a spark plug, i did not find a spark plug but i did found a really COOL tool bag. i really think its nice because is big enough to accomodate all...
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    should i bother upgrading to 29cc?

    Hi all, i was just wondering...:huh2: should i bother upgrading my 26cc ported head with lightend piston to a normal 29cc head kit? i have been bashing with my friends 29cc and 30.5cc bajas and quite frankly i cant see any difference with the performace and speed (aside from a slightly higher...
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    how to dismantle a clutch

    hey guys i was just about to dismantle my clutch but now i realize i dont know how to take it away,:blushing: how do i pull it from the engine? do i need a special tool for this? thank guys id appriciate a quick reply
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    14 LED home made lights

    hi this project was inspired by the guys in HBF so i thought id give it a go, i did try to use the original light pods and put leds on it but too much soldering work so i droped it, then i went for the LED flashlight/torch option, i was looking for a 12 LED flashlight but i could find one but...
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    head gasket

    hi guys, im quite confused about gasket i think there are 2 types, the copper and the asbestos, what is the difference between the two? and why do copper ones comes in different thickness? does it matter? thanks guys id appreciate the response.
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    Home made light weight and cheap Chassis Guard with sides

    Hi baja fans, Due to the current financial crisis i could not afford to buy a aftermarket Chassis Guard hop-up, so i decided to make one. i came up with a light weight, very cheap and easy to replace Chassis guard with side included. the materials used was: • Corrugated plastic board •...
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    Hostile tyres

    ok guys here we go again this is a re-thread of the original "hostyle tyres" thread that was taken off because of a member complaint. im re-doing this because i know the topic was helpfull and interesting. Which off-road Hostyle tyres do you think is the best and why? your choices are: MX...
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    my "Hostile tyres" thread disappeared

    can someone tell me why my "Hostile tyres" thread disappear? it was running very well and the poll was getting a lot of votes, but it jsut disappeared, i wonder why? was it taken of by the admin or did the thread broke any rules? strange.
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    Do you have both 5t and 5b?

    hi guys i became interested on having a 5T when a shop sent me a wrong baja shell they gave me a 5T instead of the 5B, i was gonna return it but when i started fitting it to my 5B i realized how big the car will look like so i decided to keep it and buy a new one. my questions is if you have...
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    Baja owners in london

    Hi Londoners! i dont know enough baja owners in London (except my friends) so guys if you own a baja an you live in London can you make yourself known to this thread, you can give details like your location and where do normally bash and maybe we can meet up and have a nice bash or we can...