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    Spur gear setup

    ddm has an upgrade available made by kraken. its a clipless layshaft that uses a left threaded bolt or whatever the term is for that?.
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    Steering issue

    turtle racing makes a really nice servo saver. the steering rack is all aluminum, with a large spring to act as the saver. i race on dirt oval, so i ziptie the pieces together to help give the spring longevity and just replace the ziptie after a big crash. look the parts up at ddm. i hope this...
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    Dave's Discount Motors, Deal of the Day!

    quick diff or servo saver 5b!
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    Help please: Brand new motor purchased for me years ago never installed. Assistance needed in identifying the type and power.

    that is a trevor simpson bottom end reed engine! quality build right there. looks to be a 28.5cc-30.5cc. check under the exhaust port, obr usually marks it on what it is somehow.
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    clutch issue??

    clutch bolts should be tight. the issue might be since it free rolls once the car is off is that the spring is stretched. which would engage the clutch at a much lower rpm than its suppose to.
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    5b power loss with tuned pipe

    what was the motor temp? sounds like it might be lean? i know after changing pipes you will need to retune the carb. running in grass, is there a lot of clippings inside the motor housing and plastic parts? this will also lead to excessive motor temps and loss of power.
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    Roto start keeps breaking my flywheel... help!!

    hey guys new to the forum. i have a question not sure if anyone can help or not... I have a 5b stock engine cy26cc. i am unable to start my buggy with the pull starter(due to physical condition), so i bought the Integy roto start in this link...