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    Variety of new 1/10 electric off-road RCs

    Ofna crt.5 pro. Includes both nitro & brushless chassis setups. Also has 8 new tires & rims not yet glued. No electronics included except for the two mini Hitec servos need for the nitro chassis. $200 shipped. Losi 22 buggy kit. Has a few Avid rc top shaft and slipper upgrades as well as...
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    Sold / Found WTB Bartalone Afterburner pipe.

    Prefer chrome or raw. Not dented or broken either. Thanks
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    Sold / Found Victory RC side Pro pipe unsilenced.

    Have a Victory Pro pipe with Baja Brothers pipe mount. Both are technically used, but neither have any flaws. $165 shipped to U.S. or Canada. Thank you. (SOLD)
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    Any members in Stark or Summit county, Ohio? Need some basher buds

    I live in East Canton and am trying to find some Baja owners to bash with. Anybody out in Akron, Cleveland, Youngstown, New Philadelphia, Medina, or anywhere within 60 miles? Would like to meet ya and talk Baja to get away from regular life from time to time.
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    Finally painted my Woodster Wide body

    Here it is, not terribly fancy yet simply elegant. Only took about a year or so to get around to it. Looks much better than clear sitting on the shelf collecting dust.
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    Ordered me a HPI Blitz Pro Flux

    Wanted to get the kids and myself some small SC trucks. I'm gonna get them each a Blitz RTR. I hear they're quite robust. Lately I've been reminiscing about all the fun I had hanging out at the track as a boy. I think they'll have fun and maybe learn a thing or two.
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    TR V-2 starter adapter for RCmax 70

    You've been making adapters for other engines lately. Any plans on the RCMax70 engine sporting a TR starter in the near future? Thanks
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    Sold / Found Vanquish upper & lower arm set

    I have Vanquish upper & lower arms with hemis. Also supplied are Phatdad Phatballs and HPI skidplates. The skids are the only part with any blemishes. The arms are in perfect condition and only mildly dirty. These arms are slightly extended and equal the length of stock arms with Darksoul or...
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    Lights stopped working questions.

    Hey KillerRC, After last weekends bash session at a muddy track, my lights stopped working. I don't doubt they got wet. My question is, can the be fixed by just cleaning them? Could one pod be damaged and the others fine if their all wired together? If taken apart, how do ya identity the faulty...
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    Receiver problem

    Hello y'all, I was cleaning my Baja after a muddy track session. After finishing, I started testing and setting my linkages. The electronics worked as they should for a while, but as I was wrapping everything up my KillerRC killswitch alerted me something had gone wrong. Whether the killswitch...
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    Sold / Found Another Tbredon sell off the good stuff.

    Prices do not include shipping or PayPal fees. Prices are negotiable and can work a deal on multiple items. Will ship world wide. Thank you Ramtech & Killer lights. 6 used, 2 new spares. One used light isn't working. Haven't investigated as to why. SOLD Killer RC tail lights and Modified RC...
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    Need advise.

    I got melted rollbar plastic all over my Flowsystem pipe. What's a good method of removing it. So far picking at it hasn't worked out.
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    Sold / Found More parts from Tbredon.

    Gh,Threshold,and Darksoul steering. SOLD Ramtech rear lower arms. Only mounted never ran. SOLD PA servo adapter $25 New TR clutch bell $25 Stock tank with one run. Sold as pictured. $50 Shipping included within the U.S. International shipping extra. Paypal only Thanks for looking.
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    Kraken one way valve installment tips.

    I read a thread about this, but can't seem to find it. How the heck do ya get the fuel line onto the nipple? Its really putting up a fight and I can't get it to slip into position. I'm using colored fuel line that DDM sells by the foot. 1/4'' outer diameter and 1/8'' inner. Got any tips or...
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    suspention binding.

    Yesterday, I installed Ramtech rear lower arms and Overkill rear upper arms to my hpi/Losi hybrid. At full extension, my Phatdads axles bind with the Ramtech arms creating an almost wheel locking drag. After installation, I had two lock nuts and two aluminum spacers left over. I'm pretty sure...
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    omg, i think my heart just stopped!!

    Went to purchase what would have been my fifth Lunatik Rabid pipe from TGN, and their all sold out. I really hope more are produced. That was my favorite pipe.
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    Sold / Found Aluminum Goodies

    All prices include PayPal and shipping fees if in U.S. International shipping may be extra. Only item not accepting counter offers is Python cover. All other parts are O.B.O. Python two speed cover new. SOLD!!! BSW two speed with steel 18/56 first gear & steel second 26/48 gearing. Including...
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    Senad is Awesome!!!

    I lost the custom washers to my Senad filter and Senad helped me obtain replacements. Thanks Senad!!!
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    BSW two speed question.

    Is the stock .26 capable of utilizing the BSW two speed with 21/53 2nd gear ratio? I think it would, because isn't that why it was created? I imagine the higher ratios would be to much though. You agree?
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    Sold / Found MX Pro Clutch for pennies on the dollar.

    Works well, its just not for me. Best for racing. SOLD AND SHIPPED. PayPal & shipping included and will ship world wide.