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    Please welcome Lufkin RC Park as a new track

    Lufkin RC Park is a new backyard track in Lufkin Texas. Sounds like a great place to go and run bajas!!
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    Please Welcome Local Motors as a Forum Sponsor

    I have been having some fun lately at Local Motors in Chandler, AZ They are the company that produces the Rally Fighter and now custom motorcycles, electric bikes, etc. I brought some RC trucks out for them to check out,and they let me check out the orange Rally Fighter...
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    Please Welcome Club Milton Speedway to the forum!!

    Please welcome Dirt Oval Racing at Club Milton Speedway -- Club Milton
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    Happy New Year from HBF

    Well, another year has gone by and I would like to thank the members and the sponsors for making it enjoyable. We are now into our 9th year, with no end in sight for the venerable Baja and its users. Thanks again for your support and hope to see you at one of the many events around the world.
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    Baja Buggy LEDs on Deal of the Day at DDM

    Buggy Lights on Deal of the day!!
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    HBF blanket

    So my kids have been planning this present for a few months. I was wondering why my t-shirt drawer was getting lighter.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone around the world!!
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    Christmas Contest for HBF Swag

    Alright folks, Merry Christmas from HPIBajaForum. We had a great year and I'm glad you are all a part of the forum. I have some extra t-shirts and goodie bags left from the 2013 Dunetoberfest, so here is the contest. Just make a post about the forum and why you are a member. You can post...
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    Please welcome Axis R/C as a forum sponsor

    Please welcome Axis R/C as a forum Sponsor. Bob has been producing the well known Rocket Stand, as well as new products. Axis R/C
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    Christmas Lights - who has them?

    Here is my neighbor. Flashes to music an causes traffic jams in front of the house.
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    Dunetoberfest 2013 Final Video
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    Videos about how 2 stroke engines work
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    Free Kill Switch with Redcat Gas Vehicle Purchase

    Alright folks, I am sending out free kill switches with the purchase of Redcat Gas Vehicles from my Ebay store: Free Kill Switches on Redcats
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    New Forum for Go-Peds, Go Quads, Runt and Sikk Bikes

    Alright folks, I have started a new forum for the Stand up scooter racers. GoPeds, Go Quads, Runt and Sikk Bikes are all included. Its just starting, so come on over and say hi if you ride/race a scooter.
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    Teleportation seen on video
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    RAMTech Dunetoberfest Sale on LED Lights and Kill Switches

    Well, I forgot to do this earlier, but here is a 25% off discount on the LED Buggy lights and Kill Switches for you guys:
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    SEMA Show - November 5-8th in Las Vegas

    Anyone going to the SEMA Show -- SEMA Show I will be there Tuesday to Friday, so let me know if you are going and I will bring some HBF swag to give out.
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    Worst Clone ever from China

    Chinese Lion
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    Ebay Troll
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    OBR Tuning and Break-In video