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    kill switch for rcmax 46

    why do we need to buy a marine killswitch for the rcmax 46 seems like from what i can tell i can use my superbee and just cut and re-crimp some ends on it what am i missing. we need to cut the marine killswitch and swap ends anyway.
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    digital timing system

    You cant tell by the pics, but its still wrapped in the original plastic never been opened. its a drag race timing system... DRAG RACING ONLY... see whos the king of the street in your area or just find out how fast your car is. take the guessing out of it, start doing alittle trash talking...
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    Sold / Found redcat rampage mt pro roller

    ****SOLD**** selling my redcat mt pro. new these things cost about 1100 ish its 4x4 front rear and center diff are all in great condition. its got the hpi wheels on it, steel gears i have the stock radio and reciever so it needs a motor and servos. i just dont want to throw it in the...
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    turtle v2 hd clutch, quick diff,

    turtle v2 hd clutch system, with a 17 pinion and 57 spur (stock) also i have a turtle v2 billet clutch cost is around 225.00 (v2clutch and billet clutch housing) for the clutch system and the billet clutch housing. the billet clutch housing keeps clutch temperatures down and extends...
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    Sold / Found 5b ballz 2 the wall front end,chassis,rear

    heres a deal for someone. full working front end, scorpion chassis included..... rpm arms upper and lower......45.00 irp turnbuckles........................54.00 scorpion solid chassis (black)...84.00 scorpion chassis brace.............30.00 igloo...
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    Sold / Found 5b 4 sale...alittle dirty, saves you cash

    im selling one of my extra 5b's its alittle dirty, but it runs fine, you clean it and save some money *********** SOLD************ ...thats firm, please dont ask for a lower deal, i have too many of these and im getting rid of alot of extra cars and parts, i have 7 currently, i can only run 2...
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    Sold / Found futaba 4pl rx and tx

    i have a futaba 4pl radio and 4 channel reciever for sale. im consolidating all my rc's into one radio and dont need this one also have the manual im selling it for *****SOLD****** shipped to u.s only
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    Sold / Found killer rc 6000 mah rx battery

    i bought this but decided not to use it. its brand new. i got it from ddm, paid 52.99, ill sell it for ***SOLD*** shipped its brand new, i never got around to installing it in the baja paypal only
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    Exhaust pipes for sale

    selling two exhaust pipes. first is the cpi big bore, really nice pipe, fits instide the stock 5b,5t read abd is protected in a rear crash its got a couple chips in the paint, no rust, alittle dirty, but its used, spray it down with some carb cleaner and its a brand new tuned pipe for ya...
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    does anyboby use these?

    does anyone use these filters? if you do would you recommend them?
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    b6ac pro charger question

    im charging a lipo battery now does the charger automatically shut off when done charging??
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    new servo fried. bought this about a month ago for a new build, i was testing the electronics in the car, its no good. do i go thru ddm for warranty, or hitec? thanks fellas.
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    who has names for there rc cars

    I was talking with slayer17 today...he names his rigs also, Who else does n what are the names He names his rigs too..... Mine are named. ... 1 bumble bee my 1st 5b basher 2 tea first 5t 3 the redcat rampage pro mt 4 5b shorty 5 jizmo....5t with my gizmo...
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    Awesome guy to work with and fast shipment Do not hesitate to deal with him
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    dual rear shocks

    ran 2 tanks thru my baja with deual rear shocks. man they are incredible. no more rear bounce with the single shocks, makes bashing alot more fun when ya have extra control
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    reed motor, and air filter

    what type of air filters are you guys using with your reed motors, please, if you can post a pic of your set up, my buddy has a 5b, and he says the air filter sticks out past the cage, and he doesnt want that just to be clear, its not a reed case, its a reed block bolted to the cylinder thats...
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    neglected air filter

    hey all.... i was out running today, and the baja was running like crap. it was sputtering bad, set the carb back to stock, figured maybe a needle worked its way out of adjustment. nope, no change. cleaned the air filter with some gas mix, dried it with compressed nitrogen i had in my work...
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    engine dies when i push plug boot down

    as stated in the title.... i thought i had a tuning issue, but it turns out i dont..... tonight i was wrenching in the garage tonight, i fired up the motor, and thought i saw a blueish flash on the head of the motor. i shut the garage light off, and fired it up, and i could see a bluish spark...
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    3pmx adding 2nd reciever

    i cant figure out how to do it. i read the manual, i guess i should change my name from zipperhead to knucklehead i got second receiver to bind but if i turn on any of the 2 rc's, on the second rc, i always have to switch the steering n throttle servos (the 2nd rc isnt a baja) can anyone give...
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    son wants electric baja

    so my son wants an electric baja hes got a gas baja, and i told him id get him a second baja, but hes 14, and i dont want him running his baja without me around, (annoying thre neighbors every day this summer) so i told him ill build him an electric one, he can run that whenever he wants. i...