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    R2C Competition Series Tall Stack Air Filter for HPI Baja

    ok so will these fit on our twins on the TR/OBR airfilter boxes together ? they look the same size like the tgn easy clearance filter . just want to be sure so i dont waste my money if they dont fit .
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    painting lettering on tire walls

    want to paint the lettering on the FG F1 , what kind of paint is best to use on the rubber ? will any kind of enamel paint be ok ?
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    BLUR Gas Tank Vent Filter

    has anyone ever used one of these are they any good , im looking for a good tank breather how would i connect this up into the tank ? do i drill a hole into the cap with a fuel line , do i have to mod anything of the gas cap guts . ive already got a one way ball bearing check valve on the cap ...
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    My OBR powered FG EVO10 COMP onroad

    well maybe some remember when i bought this beast of a car start of this year , its had a new engine transplant , put in an obr 4 bolt billet crankcase with stock stroke rcmk crank, obr raceported topend 28.5cc lightened pistion with decked cylinder and some fancy engine covers . its got heaps...
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    building a FG F1 comp

    i bought a FG F1 comp kit and started putting it together , i have no idea what im doing lol , i really shouldnt have bought this looks like the kit is incomplete thers no brake kit with it ? and some mounting screws are missing . its a belt drive edition aswell . the only thing ive done is put...
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    Drag boat racing ?

    1st time seeing this never knew it existed , gotta say i love it hahaha.
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    can we fit one of these engines into a baja lol
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    ive been OBR transformed 57cc twin

    BIG THANKS TO OBR , full mod 57cc heads arrived , so the conversion will now begin . porting looks very cool, some kinds of porting done on this i have never seen before . porting will never be shown here or in pm or in emails so please dont ask for it .
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    Robot flying bird

    well if i ever wanted to get into rc flying id love to have this rather than a rc plane
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    Olib27 awesome seller

    got the heatsink for the twin , everything is as described , i gave it a buff and turned out looking excellent , thankyou olib27 .
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    Mecatech FW 01 onroad largescale NEW

    anyone seen this beautifull piece of equipment that mecatech is going to bring out ? i dont know when its come out or how much .
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    Baja twin dragging titanium

    hopefully this works hahaha i welded this piece upto my v1 moddified rc rear bumper , and bolted on some titanium . its pretty low to the ground so it doesnt have to wheelie too high , if this works going to get some 5mm thick titanium . and let me tell you guys drilling through titanium is...
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    hey i got 2 brown FLAT envelopes with just an rc parts label in it from singapore couple days ago , i didnt order nothing . how the hell do these jerks know im into rc to send me that rubbish in the mail? . apparantly im not the only one this has happened to , coulpe other guys received the...
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    hey DDM i need LIFE charger

    i need to charge my battery whats the cheapest to most expensive charger that will do the job that you have for sale ? i need to charge the battery in the picture .
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    My FG evo 10 new look paintjob

    took off the ugly sticker wrap , and painted it up like my own car . so i guess this is why im called silver ss
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    have a laugh everyone
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    spektrum dx3r channles all used up help

    hello i got an FG evo 10 and im using my spektrum dx3r on it , and ive had to plug in the front brake into aux and use the mixing to get it to make my front brakes work also , so now all three channels are used up . (is there still a way to connect a killer bee kill switch to it ?) or do i...
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    My FG EVO 10 arrived

    arrived this morning and damn this thing is huge , almost scary like what the hell am i going to do with this . need help with the battery , looks like its got some kind of lipo battery , and i have nothing to charge it up with , what connections are these what do i need .i also never charged a...