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    Team Chase Cage on a 5B

    Hey guys so I currently have a v2 5B and am wanting to install the team chase cage onto it and i know I need some 5T parts, can any one confirm that these are the only 5T parts I need for the team chase cage to fit and work properly? These are the parts I think I need: -Body Mount Set(Front &...
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    Here it is!

    Well i've been meaning to post pictures of my 5B for a while now but just haven't gotten around to it, anyways here it is........ Enjoy.
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    Pitdawg Windows Free Giveaway IIII

    drive my baja
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    Thanks to 20,000 members!! Do you want a Free Baja!!

    Count me in, I could use another baja
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    Hostile MX Knobby Tires

    I want to get a set of Hostile MX Knobby Tires and a DDM Dominator v2 rear pipe for my 5b, my first question is. Are new upgraded dogbones a must have with the additional grip and power? I'm running a stock 23cc motor. My other question is, will the stock hpi foams in the rear be okay with the...
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    Team chase cage

    Hey guys I'm sure there is a thread on this already but an iPod touch doesn't let you search. I want to buy a team chase cage and put it on my 5b, what 5t parts do I need so it will mount up properly? Also will the pitbull inner wells for the cage...
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    What should I buy first?

    Hey guys, I wanted your opinion on what I should buy first, I'm going to end up getting both eventually but I was just curious what you guys thought. Should I go with the TR complete clutch system Or a Futaba 3pmx system...
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    Stock hpi silver beadlocks

    Has anyone tried dying their stock Silver Beadlocks, I'm assuming black would work just fine but what about blue?
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    Futaba 3PMX with R603FF receiver?

    Hey guys just wondering if this is a good setup, I've heard nothing but good things about this Futaba radio systems. How is this receiver for range?
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    Dark Soul Axle extenders?

    Are axle extenders a good idea? Do they really help? Here is a link......
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    Woodster help us 5b owners

    TT Tripp bodies all the way Just wanted to says thanks to TT Tripp for their awesome quality products and great workmanship :rockon:
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    Hormann Pre-Cut Lexan Body for HPI Baja 5b

    hey guys i seen this body on ddm(Hormann Pre-Cut Lexan Body for HPI Baja 5b) and i thought it looked sick, but i was curious how you mount it up. if anyone has this body please post some pics up, include mounting pics. also i was wondering if you had to cut it in the front for the front...
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    Zielkracing custom bodies

    Hey guys so I'm looking at buying a 5b body off this site and I was just wondering if anyone has bought bodies off this guy before. His work looks amazing and it seems like the bodies are fairly priced. I was mainly just wondering if the site is legit and how long it...
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    Best way to increase hp

    Hey guys I've got a baja 5b 2.0 with the stock 23cc engine I'm already getting a ddm dominator v2 but I was wondering whats another way to get more hp out my 5b
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    5b rear tires

    I've been looking at the proline bow ties but everyone seems to say mxt tires are better and last longer, but I was just wondering what would be the best for mostly grass bashing. Thanks, Ryan
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    Outerwears fly wheel cover

    Alright so I'm new to baja's I just recently bought a 5b and I got outerwears stuff because everyone on this forum recommended it, but I have no idea how to get the fly wheel cover on. To tell you the truth I don't even know where the fly wheel is
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    More power?

    I've got the stock 23cc engine that comes on the 5b 2.0 rtr and I'll be running the ddm dominator v2. I want more power and I'm pretty new to the hobby so im not really sure how I can increase my power without buying a new engine. I was looking on ddm and I was just wondering if this would do...
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    what kind of oil?

    i just bought a 5b 2.0 yesterday and i havent run it yet because in winnipeg we have way to much snow right now, but i just wondering if i could use any old 2 cycle oil or is there specific stuff i should buy
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    Baja 5B Bumper

    i just want to know what everyone's thoughts were on a good rear bumber for a baja 5b with a ddm dominator v2 pipe on the back
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    Baja 5b Hop Ups

    I just wanted to hear your guys opinions on what are must have hop ups/upgrades for the baja 5b