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    To upgrade dogbones or not?!?!

    I see many guys upgrade their dogbones and cups. But after a year and a half of running the crap out of mine with a full mod engine...the bones and cups still look great. So I have to ask...why are so many guys upgrading? Are they breaking?....I have not seen very many picture of broken...
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    Transmission Failures??????

    I am strongly considering a turtle racing quick change diff housing. But honestly wonder if I really need to spend the money for one when my transmission and diff are just fine. And I really have not seen many posts about blown transmission cases and such. Don't want to spend $135 on...
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    Baja 5t 5sc Slicks. The real thing!

    Check out the link in the Wheels and Tires section for the ALL NEW HOSTILE 5t & 5SC slicks to be out soon. Been dying for a set of these for street bashing. Lots of guys will be happy these are coming out.
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    Mamba XL Mounting Mod

    If you are planning on doing a lot of big jumping, you may want to consider this mod to help the ESC live through the impact of the landings. The foam is actually a seat cusion that I bought from a hunting store. It is really squishy. If you like this mod...give it a shot...
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    Castle Creations Brushless Baja 5t.

    Some video of a run today out in front of my house. 54.4mph top speed confirmed by onboard GPS... Wheelies aaaaaall day long and any time you want one....
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    Thanks to 20,000 members!! Do you want a Free Baja!!

    I want one. Great forum. Love it.
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    Pesky Castle Creations Velcro Battery Straps

    It was a pain in the butt to me every time I was throwing a newly charged battery in my baja 5t. The straps got in the way, then when I was ready to strap them in, I had to fish them through and around the chassis rails. Basically a pain. I had some pieces from an old converson kit laying...
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    Data Logging on the XL

    On my XL, I have to clear each run before it will record a new one. I would actually like it to record the last run I had even if I have not cleared the old one out. Is everyone's like this?
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    Baja 5t Castle Creations Conversion Weight

    I have spent the last week doing everything I can to remove weight from my Baja 5t. I have it down to exactly 27.0 lbs RTR with Lipos. I installed Proline Trenchers on the front...and they weigh 4 oz each more than stock...but stock 5t tires are so soft and the foams so was a huge...
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    Castle Creations Baja Conversion Performance Results

    I am curious about the experiences from others who have the CC conversin kit. Things such as Top Speed, run times, torque, how many runs you have under your belt, what temperatures are you running in and what temps are your esc and motor getting, types of Lipos...etc. Anything you can think...
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    Mechanical Front brakes & ESC with Reverse

    Ok, how is this going to work? I have front brakes on my baja right now. I am converting it over to the Castle Creations Conversion. The ESC that comes with it (Mamba XL) has reverse. I know the front brakes will work when coming to a stop.....but what about when I want to go into reverse...
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    Oneil Brother's 30.5cc race ported kit

    I bought an Oneil Brother's 30.5cc race ported kit. Wow, does it run strong. I had a 28.5 ESP head kit and the ONB has more power at EVERY RPM level. There is absolutely NO hesitation or lights up the tires immediatly and revs...