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    What is this part?

    Stupid question. Tore apart my 5b for the first time to clean and add a few upgrades. What is the plastic piece that's bolted to the chassis with one bolt and is located below the steering servo horn? Cannot see a useful purpose for this part. Hpi part#85414, #13 on tree. Sorry no pic - can't...
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    Shout Out to DDM!

    Just wanted to say thanks to DDM for their fast shipping and amazing service. Bought the DOTD on Monday - Outerwears for crankcase and pull start - and had it in my hands on Wednesday, here in Ohio. I only wish I got the beanie too! That'll be on my next order! Thanks again!
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    Break in procedure

    Hi to all. I'm new to the baja scene and the forum. I know the answer to my question is somewhere here-just can't find it. What is the proper break in procedure for a new and stock 23cc? Will mix Hpi oil with 89 octane gas at 25:1. Getting a new rtr for Christmas and want to be sure I treat the...