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    5t high flow can or sidepipe?

    I have the high flow 5t can at the moment and was looking at the side mount pipes and wanted opinions on both. How bad is the exhaust spray on the rear suspension arm with sidepipes.Also how big of gain will be gained by adding a sidepipe to a stock 26cc over the high flow can.Looking at samba...
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    dished wheels

    why couldn't anyone come out with a plastic dished wheels both inner and outer like the bigetech alloy wheels to keep dirt and grass buildup to a minimum?
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    brake spacer broke today

    ran my buggy today and the brakes started acting funny so brought it over and the finned spacer between the brake discs was gone! Has anyone else ever had this happen before? Running the stock brakes with turtle mount and gear plate. thanks
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    grafil buggy body and grass?

    anyone have a grafil buggy body and run it in grass? Just ran mine today and brought half the field home inside the car with a proline desert rat body and undertray. Figured maybe the grafil would keep a lot more grass out. thanks
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    ddm silencer question

    Are the ddm silencers just empty chambers or do they have packing in them like a dirt bike silencer?
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    hostile slick compound question

    Just looking to get some hostile slicks for my 5b for parking lot running and wanted to know opinions on compounds for parking lots? I was thinking about medium fronts and hard rears or mediums all around.. Would like better grip than tarmacs but still get good tire wear out of them.. Thanks
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    servo selection opinions

    Just got a hitec 645mg for throttle/brake and a 5805 with a hot racing aluminum servo bracket for steering and wanted to see opinions on this setup. I have been running this in my firehammer for years and always liked it.. Thanks
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    sf-10 steering metal servo gear question

    has anyone used the aluminum final gear in their servo and if so has it been a good upgrade?
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    savox 0251 servo opinions

    Was thinking about this servo for my baja and wanted opinions on it . 222 oz of torque at 6v should bemore than enough for throttle/ brake duty. Down the road an 0235 steering servo will find its way in there too. Let me know what you think.
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    savox steering 0235 servo

    what is the best price you guys have seen these go for recently and where? Thinking of upgrading but due to the holidays a little tight on funds. Thanks
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    my baja

    Here she is after a suspension upgrade hope you like..
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    rpm arms

    Just finished showing my buggy some TLC after the summer with new rpm arms, irp heims, new hinge pins,front bulkhead and new steering rods and ends and all the slop is gone from the suspension. The problem is how much the lower front arms had to be ground to fit with my clipless front hubs from...
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    rear suspension upgrade

    getting parts together to do some rear wheel upgrades and wanted to see what would be the most durable setup to remove wheel slop and not break the bank.. So far I have rpm upper and lower arms and am looking to get some Hostile 2degree hubs and Irp upper heims as well as maybe some Team fast...
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    bulkhead replacement?

    How often do you replace the plastic bulkheads due to the hinge pins getting slop in that area? I'm begining to get some slop in the arms and bulkhead area. Thanks
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    spur gear rubber bushings

    Just had my spur off and the silicone bushings are shot.. Just wondering how often do you guys change these and is there a stronger replacement than stock? Only have about 3 gallons on this set.. Thanks
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    23cc exhaust question

    I'm running a stock 23cc and after the last run I had to do some cleanup because of an exhaust bolt deciding to leave the party. So my question is I was running an rd logics rear exhaust and I was wondering if a stock 5t hgh flow can would be as goood or maybe better than the rd exhaust? Of...
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    dominator side pipe???

    The pipe looks like it sits against the vertical roll cage tube if this is the case it seems like it would melt the support. Can anyone with this pipe or experience with this pipe shed some info on this?? Thanks
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    carb sealant??

    Do you guys use any sealant when you replace/remove your carbs to make sure there are no leaks?? I ran my buggy and noticed that it looked like i have some oil/fuel on the plastic isolator block that mounts between the carb & engine.. It blew off with compressed air but im not thinking it should...
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    23cc or 26cc??

    I currently am running a 23cc engine,stock carb and filter,inclined shred stack with a motorsaver filter cover and an RD logics rear exhaust and it runs pretty good I think for a 23cc. My question is I have a new 26 cc from a losi with the same intake setup as the 23cc but it has a 5t high flow...
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    clutch maintenance??

    is it easier to just pull the motor to work on the clutch or take apart the drive gear assembly?? just want to see some opinions.. Thanks