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    FG announce a Short Course truck and other toys...

    New off roaders from FG including Short Course and BMW X6 bodied trucks. They would appear to be based on the Leopard chassis.... Clive
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    New FG 4WD Competition Pro '10 buggy

    A completely new buggy from FG that is due to be announced at the Toyfair in Germany tomorrow and like the 4WD FG Baja it is belt drive - More info at Clive
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    Freshly painted bodyshell - Harm Bx1

    Just received photos of my new bodyshell from the painter (Steve Sunnocks - Model Car Bodies). I'm happy with the final results, it's a shame to get it dirty though..... For those of you who have never heard of a Harm Bx1 - it's a German made all alloy 2WD buggy that dates from late 2002. It...
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    Potential new bash/race track in Sussex

    After many false starts there might be a largescale track in the south east of England (close to Worthing/Brighton). The existing track has rarely been used for 1/8th nitro racing recently and the landlord has offered the largescale on road club ( that run the...
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    Oddified and Alro Racing 'heli' spec engines

    Here are a couple of my latest race engines that I would imagine are not seen outside of europe. Both are race legal (BRCA, EFRA etc) 26cc engines that will do a 30 minute final on a 700ml tank of fuel. Both have 4 bolt heads but are not based on the latest Zenoah 4 bolt car engines. The Alro...