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    Woodsterlidz Europe & Krc-racing close down

    Baja Enthousiasts, Its time for me to say goodbye and give my thanks to all my customers, friends and manufacturers who supported me and always had the trust in me. Special thanks to Darren "Woodster" who became my buddy, Sean "OBR" , Rob & Nicole "Hostile" , Tom "Phatdad" , Chris "Monsterman"...
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    Woodster's New Born

    Congratulations Darren, I'm glad Gavin Jacob and your wife are doing fine. All the best to you and enjoy it all over again... :clown:
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    The Ultimate Silent Pipe

    Since noise 81db regulations in our small country getting reallly nuts i thought to bring up this thread. Perhaps we can find a sollution.. Most guys here currently drive with a 5Tcan but that isn't silent enough. Is there a easy way to get some more noise reduction:blush: I know that there's a...
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    Thank You TGN!!!

    Last week i ordered my TeamChase rollcage and some other stuff and today it was delivered at my home. It took just a couple of days and thx for the top knotch service as always. Kind Regards, Marcel
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    Dutch Baja meeting 11-4-2010

    This first serie video's is shot with the GoPro HD cam on my Baja 5B. More vids to come. Enjoy and thx for watching.
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    Kostenko's Woodster Lidz by Jon Miller

    Since Jon created my SuperB B body i could only send him my T body for the same design. I'm going to post some more pics when i got it at home and mounted up. Jon you did a Fantastic job, thx m8
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    Phatdad Drivecups & Hostile Boots

    I have the first batch of Phatdad 5mm drivecups installed with the latest Hostile boots and using rear RPM arms. I noticed friction on the drivetrain because of the tight fit of the boots. And when the Arms are not level the boots are rubbing against the top of the RPM arm what also causes the...
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    My First Woodster paint job

    Hi Guys, Well this is a Woodster T body i did for a friend.
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    CY Fourbolts are coming

    The Chung Yang 4 bolt versions CY F230 and CY F270 are availible now! Perhaps HPI is going to switch to these engines? Just to let you guys know.. F230 New Version Engine: 1) 4-Bolts Crankcase 2) 4-Bolts Cylinder 3) New Piston 4) Powerful Clutch Spring 5) Lighter Clutch Shoes 6) Big Muffler 7)...
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    Kostenko's Ride

    Hi fellow Baja addicts, Here's my new body made by Jon Miller.
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    4pk adjustments help

    Well i've been reading alot and need some advice. How do i adjust to slow steering and throttle on the 4pk? Because its way to sensative on this moment so i can hardly drive my buggy. :laugh:
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    Woodster 5T body

    This is a great strong 0.90 lexan body i just recieved from Woodster. It looks great and feels allready much stronger then the HPI 0.30 lexan version. Comes with front grill stickers and windows for painting. Great communication, fast shipping and good packaging. Thx Alot Darren.
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    I want to thank him for sending me the parts well packed and fast delivery. thx alot m8
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    Bajastorm Feedback

    Hi everyone, Just want to let you know i bought some Rims and Tires from Asaad and i recieved all in good condition. TopNoth m8, thx very much
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    Swiss Iow Carbon Creations

    Well i ordered a CF chassis from Chris and very fast delivery. I allready installed the CF chassis and it fits perfectly. A huge weight saving of 466grams. Keep up the good service and make some more CF parts :clown:
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    Team Phatdad

    I ordered a set of Dogbones and the package got lost. :blushing: The guys just send me another set and they are really great. Thx for the fast and great service. Kind Regards, Marcel
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    Ordered Dogbones and neighbors got it?

    I ordered 2 dogbones and payed on the 20th of July and haven't seen nothing yet? :scared: Is it the post delivery service or did you forgot to send the package?
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    Killer RC

    Big thumbs up to KillerRC for shipping a light life battery to me. Fast service. :w00t: Keep up tha good work. :clap:
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    O'Neill Brothers

    Great fast service on shipping me a angled shreadstack. Thx very much. :clap:
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    Hal001 Feedback

    From the start very fast reply's, very nice kontakt and great service... They give you wat you want... thx alot